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Water Markets Worldwide 2014-15-16-17-18-19-2020-2025

Water Technology Worldwide, Water and Waste Water, Drinking Water, Membrane Technology, Desalination/Drinking Water, Leading Companies, Automation, E-Technique and Services, Water Treatment, Disinfection, Water Energy Convergence and Hydrogen, Multi-Utility Markets and Companies, Information(IT) in Water Market, Water in Life Science, Countries and Regions.

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I.Initial Position
Water Management today: re-duce, re-use, re-cover, re-cycle, re-plenish and convergent !
The world market for water and waste water amounts to 533 Bn. US$ in 2011. The markets are expected to expand further with high growth rates to 674 Bn. US$ by 2015.The market figures are for the whole value chain. The regions, technology and consumer segments differ, as well as profit potentials for single markets and companies.
2011 revenue is over US$530 billion. Services 60 %, Equipment 26 %, Chemicals 2 %, Others 12 %. Plus Bottled and Bulk Water is over 90 Bn US$.
Over 120 segments in these four top-level categories. Total 2025 revenue is in the study.
Water markets are local markets but to be successful as a international company one have to serve and work in
most importend markets worldwide.Over the next 50 years  – despite the risks cited. There is a sharp increase in the demand for efficient irrigation technologies, seawater desalination and sewage treatment facilities, technical
equipment (e.g. pumps, compressors and fittings), filter systems and disinfection procedures and new technologies and converging technologies especially in domestic and residential technologies and markets.
This water markets worldwide study is most recent and help to identify the profitable markets and develop a strategy and future plan. We also offer exclusive strategic planing and workshops.

The Helmut Kaiser Consultancy has completed a study, that researches and valuates the development of the world markets, single consumer sectors and technology segments. The highest growth rates are in sectors mineral and bottled water, this markets are expected to double from 2015. In this sector 8 companies are dominating worldwide with a market share of 20%. The global market for table water will show a stable high growth rate, because for the public drinking water there are problems like low quality and in some regions even serious supply shortage. The sales potential for local producers of table water presents more than 12% growth rate in best practice- in comparison.

The public drinking water supply has grown with an average annual rate of 9% and high investment in this field is expected. The world bank has granted an investment of over 450 Bn US$ for the next 10 years. For over one third of the world population in many regions, especially Africa, South America and part of Asia, the drinking water is a quality problem and supply shortage too. There are also such problems even in industrial countries.

The water treatment is a segment with an expecially high growth rate. The drinking water market worldwide is dominated by communal companies, which belong fully or partially to the states, as well as by big multinational corporations. The sector of supply is dominated by about 20,000 companies worldwide. A further concentration into big corporations is expected also in the process of privatisation due to high investments and operating costs. The drinking water market provides very limited profit potentials ( less than 12%), on the other hand it is a long-lasting market with small year fluctuations. Companies and public institutions, that combine drinking water with other utilities like waste water and energy, are fully capable to gain a higher return of more than 15%. The hightest growth rates are expected in Asia, especially in China because the state has launched public programs to improve the drinking water situation in the next 5 years.

In the field of waste water, i.e. clarification of waste water, the situation has improved slightly. Worldwide, 14% of all waste water in the year 2013 was purified. Bottom of this development are South America and Africa with less than 2% waste water purification. The most important influential factors are population development, increasing demand for foodstuff and thus demand for water, urbanization, germination, pesticides, nitrates and above all resistance to antibiotics in surface water in the industrialized countries.

II. Goals of the Study

The study provides a foundation to gan information about trends, opportunities and risks and to evaluate initial situation and further development as well, identifies and evaluates the growth and profit opportunities within the segments of technologies/markets and value chain. It deals with the following technology sectors:

-  Drinking water, water desalination
-  Water treatment/water purification
-  Treatment of waste water in industry and municipality
-  Energy in the water industry
-  Automation, E-Technique and Services in Water Market
-  Emerging membrane technology
-  Emerging desalination

The study is arranged by sectors and can be obtained either completely, or each sector separately. The markets are presented by countries and regions, as well as by market segments.

The study provides an analysis and profiles, as well as presentation of the leading water companies ( more than 1500 ) that are quoted on the stock exchange and their factores of success and technology portfolio. This part of the study can be obtained extra ( see reply form ).

III. Contents of the Study
All datas, markets are in US$ and 2013-2014-2015-2020-2025 by years and historical data

Part 1.  Water Technology Worldwide

World Markets for Water and Waste Water Treatment
World Markets for Waste Water Treatment  ( worldwide by regions )
World Markets for Drinking Water Treatment  ( worldwide by regions )
Competition of leading companies
Value Chain of Water/Waste Water Market Worldwide
Multi-service, Cross-industry, Water Industry Company Group
State of Drinking Water Supply 2011
Drinking Water and Waste Water Markets  ( worldwide by technology sectors )
Environmental Technology Market 2010 ( worldwide by technologies )
Environmental Technology Market 2010 ( worldwide by market segments )
Environmental Technology Market Germany 2010 ( by market segments )
Environmental Technology Market Germany 2010 ( by technologies in Bn, )
Environmental Technology Market Europe 2010 ( by countries in Bn,  )
Environmental Technology Market Europe 2010 ( by technologies in Bn. )
Development in Environmental Technologies
Strategic Development of Technologies
Life Science - Convergence ( Markets in  )
Market for Life Science Indusries ( Worldwide in  )
Market of Regenerative Energies Worldwide
Market of Regenerative Energies Worldwide 
The Structure of Energy Markets 2025
Hydrogen Economy-System  Innovations
A New Market ' Multi-Utility'
Development in the Environmental Technology, Strategic Development
Structure of Clean Energy Markets
The Markets for Clean Energy Worldwide
Global Economy 21: Life Science
Water in the Asian-Pacific Region
Chances and Risks in China' s Water Market
Water Market in China 2008-2010 ( in Bn.  )
Market for Water Services in China to 2010 ( Outsoucing/TDL)
Market for Water Services in China to 2010 ( Percent from total market )
Value Chain for Water Industries in China
Drinking Water in China
Waste Water Treatment in China
Urban Waste Water Treatment Capacity

Part 2. Water and Waste Water Treatment Worldwide

World Markets for Water and Waste Water 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( in Bn.  )
World Markets for Water and Waste Water Treatment 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( worldwide by regions in Bn.  )
World Markets for Waste Water Treatment 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( worldwide by regions in Bn.  )
World Markets for Drinking Water Treatment 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( worldwide by regions in Bn.  )
Total Markets for Water Purification by Water Quality 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( worldwide in Bn.  )
Total Markets for Industry Water Purification 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( worldwide by branches in Bn.  )
Total Markets for Disinfection in Water Purification 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( worldwide by segments in Bn.  )
Total Markets for Disinfection in Water Purification 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( worldwide by regions in Bn.  )
Water Treatment Chemicals Worldwide:Summary
Water Treatment Chemicals Market Worldwide by Region 2010-2015-2020-2025
Water Treatment Chemicals Market Worldwide by Specialty 2010-2015-2020-2025
Appendix: Water and Waste Water Treatment Worldwide

Part 3. Membrane Filtration and Separation Worldwide

Worldwide Market for Membrane Technology 2010-2015-2020-2025 (by Regions in Bn.  )
Worldwide Market for Membrane Plants 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( in Bn.  )
Value Chain of Membrane Plants
Worldwide Market for Membrane and Equipments ( by Technology / Process )
Worldwide Market for Membrane Technology 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( by Application in Bn.  )
Worldwide Market for Membrane Modules / Plants 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( in Bn.  )
Worldwide Market for Membrane Technology 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( by Branches in Bn.  )
Worldwide Market for Membrane Technology 2010-2015-2020-2025
( by private, small business, industry and communities in Bn. Euro )
Value Chain for Membrane Filtration and Seperation
Applications of Membrane Filtration and Seperation
Appendix: Membrane Companies

Part 4. Water Desalination Worldwide

Water Desalination Market Worldwide 2010-2015-2020-2025 ( by Regions in Bn.  )
Worldwide Market for Water Desalination Plants ( in Bn.  )
Value Chain of Water Desalination Plants
Water Desalination Technology / Process Market Share and Development
Key Market Drivers for Desalination
Segment: China
Technology status
Desalination Technologies & Market
Major Desalination Projects in China
Water Desalination Market in China by Regions to 2025
Water Desalination Market in China by Technologies to 2025
Water Desalination Market in China by Raw Water Supply to 2025
Water Desalination Market in China by Value Chain to 2025
Appendix: Desalination Companies

Part 5. Companies Information

Leading Companies in Global Water Market ( by servicing consumer in water )
Leading Companies in Membrane Technology Market
Companies' Profiles: Leading Companies in Membrane Technology Market
Leading Companies in Filtration Technology Market
Leading Companies in Desalination Market
Potential Companies of Interest
Companies' Profiles: Potential Companies of Interest
Companies in Automation / Service
Leading Asian Water Companies
Leading Water Companies on the Stockmarket

Part 6. Automation, E-Technique and Services in Water Industry

6,1 Explanations to Market Overview
6,2 Market Overview
     Total Water Worldwide
     Total Water Western Europe
     Total Water Eastern Europe / CIS
     Total Water NAFTA
     Total Water Asia
     Total Water South America
     Total Water Middle East
    Total Water Africa
6,3 Analysis and Evaluation
     Water Industry Markets Total
     Water Industry Markets Community
     Water Industry Markets Private
     Water Industry Markets Industry
     Networks Total
     Networks Community
     Networks Private
     Networks Industry
     Drinking Water Total
     Drinking Water Community
     Drinking Water Private
     Drinking Water Industry
     Sewage Plants Total
     Sewage Plants Community
     Sewage Plants Private
     Sewage Plants Industry
     Membrane Technology Total
     Membrane Technology Community
     Membrane Technology Privat
     Membrane Technology Industry
6,4 Markets
6,4,1   Definitions and Boundaries-' Vertical Segmentation'
6,4,2   Definitions and Boundaries-' Horizontal Segmentation'
         6,4,2,1 Segmentation
         6,4,2,2 Boundaries New Construction / Modernization
         6,4,2,3 New Construction
                 6,4,2,3,1 Plant Investment
                 6,4,2,3,2 Sevices
         6,4,2,4 Modernization
                 6,4,2,4,1 Plant Investment
                 6,4,2,4,2 Sevices
         6,4,2,5 Operation
         6,4,2,6 New Services and Technologies
6,4,3   Countries and Regions
6,4,4   New Services and Technologies
         6,4,4,1 Optimisation
         6,4,4,2 Simulation
         6,4,4,3 Networks / Pipeline

Part 7 Countries

57 countries, grouped by regions, each 20 pages, plus regions summaries and world summary. Presented in groups without page numbers, totally 1160 pages.

Market volumes and developments are presented for the following markets, segments and countries up to year 2025:

- Plant Investment Total
- Plant Investment New Construction
- Plant Investment Modernization
- Plant Operation
- New Services and Technologies

Countries and Regions:
( 20 pages per country / region summary / worldwide summary )

Western Europe                                  NAFTA                                                   Middle East
Germany                                               USA                                                        Israel
France                                                  Canada                                                    UAE
Italy                                                      Mexico                                                    Saudi Arabia
Great Britain                                                                                                         Iran
Ireland                                                   South and Middle America                    Iraq
Spain                                                    Venezuela                                               Egypt
Portugal                                                Argentina                                                 Rest Middle East
Netherlands                                           Brazil
Norway                                                 Columbia                                                  Africa
Sweden                                                 Chile                                                       South Africa
Finland                                                  Rest S/M America                                    Morocco
Denmark                                                                                                              Algeria
Austria                                                  Asia / Australia                                      Tunisia
Switzerland                                            Japan                                                      Libya
Turkey                                                   China                                                      Rest Africa
Rest WE                                                Korea
                                                            Rest N/E Asia                                         Worldwide Summary
Eastern Europe / CIS                            India
Czech Republic                                      Pakistan
Poland                                                   Singapore
Hungary                                                 Vietnam
Rest OEU / MEU                                    Thailand
Russia                                                   Rest South Asia
Turk-Countries                                        Australia
Rest CIS                                                New Zealand                                      

V. Time Schedule

The study is completed and can be delivered immediately.

VI. Methods of Investigation

The study is based on the following methods: Desk and Field Research. Market potentials and prospects are gathered by the Delphi-Method. Here specialists in the market are questioned about their future expectations which are then narrowed through repeated coordination with the specialists.

VII. Qualification

Our company has been active in the field of water industry, environmental and energy technology since 1980.
We prepare exclusive international stragies, concepts and special studies for company groups, small and midsized businesses and Western European government agencies. Until today we have prepared more than 700 studies

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Study: Water Markets Worldwide 2025

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[  ]                   Membrane Technologies and Markets                                             
[  ]                   Desalination / Drinking Water                                                         
[  ]                   Leading Companies Worldwide ( 700)                                              
[  ]                   Automation, E-Technique and Services                                                                                                                     Total Study ' Water Markets Worldwide 2011-2025'                       4,900.-

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[  ]                   Multi Utility Markets and Companies                                                6,000.-
[  ]                   Information (IT) in Water Markets                                                     8,500.-
[  ]                   Water in Life Science                                                                     2,500.-
[  ]                   Nano-Water. The change of the Future Water Market 2025                950.-
[  ]                   Drinking Water, Waste water and Process Water
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